Dear Guest

Welcome to ISAAYA Hotel Boutique.

We are honored to have the opportunity to host you during your visit.

In the following pages you will find a practical guide to the facilities and services of the hotel, to make your stay with us more pleasant and enjoyable. Thank you for choosing us and once again, on behalf of all the staff and myself, receive a warm welcome from our staff.

A warm welcome!

Carlos Hernández
General Manager


Located on the seventh floor, open every day from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm, for the exclusive use of guests, maximum capacity 30% (1 person) the time to stay in the Gym is 1 hour…

Please make an appointment directly at the front desk or dial 0.


Room service will provide this service 24 hours a day.

Baggage Check

For your total comfort in case you need to leave part of your luggage for a few hours, we have a
concierge, please dial 0.


The hotel offers this service at an additional cost of just one call, 24 hours a day. mark 0.

Preventive Care COVID-19

Via SMS with the word COVID-19 to number 51515

Website: Covid



caballeros lavanderia


Damas lavanderia

Ironing and Dry Cleaning


caballeros planchado


damas planchado

HOW TO MAKE CALLS – From room to room dial the floor number and the room number.

Local calls dial the number 9+ number.

Cellular or long distance calls – dial 0.

WAKE-UP CALLS – If you want wake-up call service, the operator will take the time you need to be woken up, please dial 0.

HOTEL SECURITY-The hotel offers cab service 24hrs a day please dial 0.

We recommend not to leave valuables, jewelry, money, cameras or electronic devices in the room, we suggest you use the safety box in your room to store all your valuables, the hotel is not responsible for the loss of them.

CHECK OUT – The check out time for rooms is 12pm, after this time and until 6pm you will be charged half rent, after 6pm the room rent is full.

In Case of Emergency




Internal Regulations for Lodging

ART. I.- LEGAL REGIME.– The relations that occur due to the Lodging services provided by the clients or guests of this Establishment shall be governed by the Commercial Legislation and, supplementarily, by the applicable Civil Legislation, by the General Law of Tourism, its Regulations, as well as by the Law for the Operation of Commercial Establishments in Mexico City and the NOM-010-TUR-2001, in force. These provisions are considered mandatory, known and accepted by the customer and the common uses and practices governing the matter in this market shall also apply.

ART. II.- REGISTRATION AND IDENTIFICATION OF THE GUEST – The passenger or guest has the unavoidable obligation to register by personally filling out the Guest Registration card or book. When guests are a pre-arranged group, your representative will fill out the Registration Cards and hand out eligible lists. The company will deny accommodation to the guest who does not comply with this requirement and is empowered to require, if it deems it appropriate, the identification of the applicant and the persons accompanying him/her in the lodging.

ART. III.-TIME OF STAY: The passenger, in agreement with the company, shall specify on the registration card the number of days he/she will be staying at the hotel. The unit of time in the housing contract is considered to be the time of a day, the expiration of which is set at twelve o’clock of each day. There will be a 60-minute tolerance.

ART. IV.- OBLIGATIONS OF THE GUEST. PAYMENT OF FEE. It is the guest’s obligation to pay daily and in advance the lodging service à when required by the hotel at the company’s discretion, the guest may guarantee payment to the hotel by signing a promissory note (voucher) of a credit card accepted by the hotel. The passenger who, on the day of departure, vacates the room after 12:00 a.m., as established in the previous article, is obliged to pay the price of the lodging corresponding to another day. The lack of payment by the guest, causes the termination of the lodging service and the hotelier may use public force to demand and carry out the vacating of the room, being able to retain the luggage as a guarantee in the terms provided by article 2669 of the Civil Code for the D. F., by means of a detailed inventory of the guest’s belongings with the signature of two unionized employees of the hotel and two trusted employees of the hotel.F. By means of a detailed inventory of the guest’s belongings with the signature of two unionized employees of the hotel and two trusted employees. Independently of the above, in accordance with the provisions of articles 230 and 231, section IV of the Penal Code in force for Mexico City.

ART. V OTHER OBLIGATIONS It is strictly forbidden to guests: A) Make annoying noises, provoke altercations, introduce musicians, bring animals and in general, any act that disturbs or disturbs other guests. B) Using the rooms for games of chance prohibited by law or holding meetings aimed at disturbing public order or disobeying the laws or regulations in force. C) Use the electric current and mechanical equipment installed in your room for purposes other than those for which they are intended. D) Deteriorate the furniture, decoration or goods of the negotiation, giving them a destination improper to that of its service. E) Execute any act that causes damage or harm to the hotel or other guests, or is contrary to decorum or social behavior. The company reserves the right to terminate the lodging service when the above-mentioned prohibitions are violated, without the guest causing them being entitled to any reduction in his debt for the lodging or services received, and shall also be obliged to pay or indemnify for any damages caused by his actions. F) In accordance with the publication of the Law for the Protection of the Health of Non-Smokers in the Federal District, within the premises of this establishment G) In accordance with the provisions indicated as hygiene measures for the prevention of COVID-19, the hotel’s hygiene protocol must be followed and if this is not done, the hotel may be referred to the authorities for the crime of Danger of Contagion according to article 252 of the Penal Code for Edo. From Mexico. SMOKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

ART. VI.- If the room key is an Electronic Card, the guest will be responsible for it. They shall not lodge in their rooms persons different from those registered and in any case, they shall give prior notice to the administration of any variation in the number and identification of the persons originally registered. In no case may the number of persons accommodated in each room exceed the capacity assigned by the company to each room.

ART. VII.- It is the obligation of the guests to inform the hotel management of any contagious illnesses or diseases, death, infractions or crimes that occur in the establishment and are known to them, so that the company can in turn take the appropriate measures and immediately report them to the authorities when necessary.

ART. VIII.- OBLIGATIONS OF THE HOTEL. This negotiation in the provision of its lodging services, is committed to the fulfillment of the expressly agreed, according to the nature of the lodging and the rules attached to the use and the existing practice in this place and to what is ordered by the applicable laws and regulations.

ART. IX.- RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE HOTEL. The negotiation responds only as depositary of the values, money, jewels and other goods that the guests constitute in deposit in the hotel administration and are received in such concept by the personnel of the negotiation, authorizing to the effect and has been granted in writing the corresponding receipt. And if applicable, they have been stored in the safe deposit box. In no case shall the securities be delivered to a person other than the depositor.

ART. X.- In order to comply with the provisions of the Official Norm NOM 07 TUR 2002, we notify you that the hotel has a Civil Liability Insurance in force, which covers damages to third parties in relation to their property and persons.

ART. XI.- MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS – The company does not authorize access to the rooms occupied by the guests of any person who has not been previously and expressly authorized by the client, in any case, it reserves the right not to allow visits from other persons in the room.

Persons representing the hotel company or rendering services inherent to the lodging shall have free access to the rooms occupied by the clients. Visits, searches, inspections and other procedures that the authorities intend to carry out in the rooms in the performance of their duties will be carried out in strict compliance with constitutional guarantees. Children must not leave the room alone or circulate in the corridors or public areas and services of the hotel, unless accompanied by an adult. Safety measures have been taken at the facility to prevent the occurrence of
fire or casualty.

The hotel is not responsible for the service and price of services provided by other than those related to the hotel service such as: Cabs, Medical Service, Tourist Guides and in general any person who is not on the payroll. The person who wishes to be temporarily absent from the establishment and retain the rented room at his disposal must pay in advance the amount of the rent for the entire period of his absence, after which time, if no new payment is made, the Manager shall proceed in accordance with Articles III and IV of these Rules and Regulations. When guests are absent for more than 72 hours, without prior notice to the management, the negotiation may suspend or terminate the lodging contract as the case may be, and proceed to collect the luggage as provided in the following article, except in the event that the actual value of the guest’s luggage does not guarantee the amount of the account. In this circumstance, the accommodation may be cancelled or suspended if the guest is absent for more than 24 hours.

ARTICLE XII.-BAGGAGE AS COLLATERAL. Luggage and other property brought into the establishment by guests shall be considered the property of the person making the registration and may be liable in preference for all debts for lodging, complementary services and other consumptions caused by the persons included in the respective registration, if accepted in due time by the hotel. All these goods may be retained as a pledge by the negotiation in accordance with the principle mentioned in Article IV of these Regulations and in due course the pledge may be executed 30 days after the date on which the account should have been paid, by selling the luggage through an authorized Public Broker.


RESERVATIONS – The “reservation of a room” is a preparatory contract for lodging that is perfected when the negotiation accepts and confirms in writing the guest’s request and the guest ratifies his request by complying with the obligations set forth. Unless otherwise agreed, it is understood as necessary requirements for the perfection of the reservation act, the deposit in advance of the amount of the requested lodging with the anticipation and under the conditions established by the hotel. When the deposit guaranteeing the reservation is made by money order, telegraphic or bank draft or any other form of remittance, acceptance of the deposit is conditional upon the availability of accommodations in the negotiation at the same time the deposit is received by the negotiation. The Company shall be free to assign them to other customers. If for reasons beyond the hotel company’s control it is unable to meet the guest’s reservation, it will try to find accommodation for the applicant in any other hotel company of similar category.

CANCELLATIONS – The applicant who cancels his individual reservation has the right to be refunded the amount of the deposit made when the cancellation reaches the knowledge of the hotel company 24 hours prior to the date agreed upon. The applicant who does not make use of the accommodation on the reserved date, or does not inform the company of his cancellation at least 24 hours in advance, will in principle lose the amount of his deposit, unless for considerations of equity, the negotiation will estimate the damages suffered in a lesser amount. In the case of reservations of five or more rooms, a contract between both parties must be drawn up to cover any eventuality.