Hygienic and sanitary preventive
measures for COVID 19

This protocol is based on the one presented by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC); the measures were designed by global tourism industry representatives based in medical evidence and according to the standards established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

We established an alliance with Ecolab, world leader in water, hygiene and energy services and technology, for the application of its cleaning and disinfection products throughout different areas of the hotel.


This document contains the current guidelines and recommendations to be applied in all areas of the hotel with the purpose of minimizing the hygiene and sanitary risks caused by virus and bacteria.



2.1. General Requirements

In Valiant Hotels we will be committed to minimize the risks by implementing hospital-grade measures. Risk management must be part of all processes within the premises; for that reason we have modified procedures and standards in the hotels, which should coordinate with each other.

This document details the specific measures to be implemented in each area in order to reduce the risk of contagion.

2.2. Executive Committee  

Hotel Management set up an Executive Committee in addition to the Emergency Committee. This committee will establish the actions and strategies to be followed based on the decisions made to minimize the hygiene and sanitary risks caused by COVID-19.

The Committee establishes:

– The protective measures against the contingency.

– The information according to the decisions made by the government and additional actions according to specialists.

– Design of the necessary protective measures, gathered in a contingency plan.

– Monitors the employees for their training and the correct execution of the defined measures.

– The correct implementation of the contingency plan.


In Valiant Hotels, our guests and collaborators are important, for this reason, we want them to feel safe while working and staying with us. We have taken all precautions and recommendations made by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health.

The implemented measures are listed below.

3.1. General measures

  • We are implementing hygiene areas which are equipped with the necessary materials to facilitate hand washing or the use of alcohol- based solutions and we monitor they are always available in the different areas.
    We modified the furniture throughout the hotel premises (guests, clients and collaborators), adapting the space with regard to its distribution in order to guarantee social distancing.
    We are ventilating the premises in order to guarantee the recommended temperature between 23 – 26°C.
    We are performing a control for the influx of people throughout the hotel, both of guests and collaborators, to ensure a healthy distance.
    We are implementing a temperature check by infrared thermometers prior to the entry into the premises.
    We are increasing the frequency of cleaning in the areas of greater contact using disinfectant substances based on the solution used throughout the hotel.
    We are placing posters throughout the premises which contain the indications to be followed inside the hotel, such as:

    Indications to keep a healthy distance by respecting the marked positions.
    Information regarding nearby health centers and hospitals, as well as their telephone numbers.
    Posters will include 2 languages: English and Spanish.Collaborators
    We are reorganizing the shifts of our collaborator in order to avoid crowds.
    The uniform of the collaborators will be used only during the working hours and washing will be performed at full cycles at a temperature > 60°C. Clothes will be placed inside a bag for their transportation, this will be checked at the entry of the collaborators, thus ensuring the uniform is used only and exclusively inside the hotel premises.
    We are implementing the mandatory measure to wear the hair up (in a ponytail, bun, etc.) as well as not wearing jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, earrings or similar items.
    During working hours, the collaborators will wear masks and gloves while in the hotel premises; these will be discarded at the end of their lifespan or at the end of the working day in the bins identified for this type of waste (biological waste).
    Additionally, maids and maintenance operators will wear face masks.
    We are observing a healthy distance by avoiding greeting with
    physical contact.
    We are using a hydro-alcoholic solution to frequently disinfect, over the
    course of the working day, all objects of personal use (glasses, mobile phones, etc.), as well as items on the workstation (screen, keyboard, mouse, etc.).
    We are providing our collaborators all the necessary materials to perform their jobs according to the area and required specifications according to the level of risk and, at the very least, in order to be in guest areas, we are wearing gloves and some type of respiratory protection.
    Our collaborators have received training which includes the information regarding the new protocols on prevention, hygiene and sanitization implemented on the premises.

3.2.  Reservations 

  • Before confirming their reservations, the Department of Reservations will inform the customers about the implemented measures for their acceptance.

3.3. Front Desk

  • In order to minimize crowds, we are making available two front desks, both ready to offer 24-hour customer service. By dividing the capacity among both we avoid crowds within this area.
  • We are ensuring the minimum required distance by placing signage to observe social distancing.
  • We are conducting a temperature check of the guests at their arrival with infrared thermometers (observing social distancing), recording it in logbooks by front desk personnel.
  • We are placing dividers in the customer service area to guarantee safety, they are subjected to constant disinfection according to our cleaning plan.
  • Items used in the front desk area such as pens, computers, etc., are not shared and similarly, they are disinfected with the prepared disinfectant solution after every working day or after continuous use.
  • In the case of room keys, they are placed in a container with disinfectant solution after use; this solution is changed every eight hours, in other words, every shift change.
  • Room allocation is conducted according to the information provided by the housekeeper and is only performed with previously sanitized rooms.
  • Personnel who carry out the service of luggage transportation wears gloves and mask at all times in order to handle luggage and facilities.

3.4. Rooms Cleaning

We renewed the cleaning and safety standards that guarantee the sanitization of the facilities by performing a protocol of strict cleanliness.
Additionally, we created a disinfection team which will be specialized in cleaning rooms occupied by guests with confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19.
Cleaning protocol
As a first step, our maids perform a deep cleaning of the rooms.
The second step consists in the sanitization, meaning, the disinfection of items with frequent handling, such as: telephones, handles, doors, etc. with the previously prepared solution with is in the maid ́s spray bottles and which is changed every day.
As an additional measure, after the disinfection with the solution, we are implementing the use of UV lights on the restroom faucets, door handles, etc.
As the last step for room cleaning, we are implementing a nebulization of the room. One person performs the sanitization of the room using a spray with a hospital-grade virucidal product to disinfect the room.
Room cleaning will be performed using cloths of different colors to avoid cross-contamination, identifying those used to disinfect high- contact points from those used for common cleaning, this way avoiding cross-contamination.
Our maids carts have the necessary materials for the entire working day; the carts are disinfected at the start and at the end of the day.
All collaborators are provided with the proper PPE (Personal protection equipment) according to their work activity in the hotel.


We eliminated all items classified as non-essential, among them: coffee makers, magazines, brochures and laundry bags.
We included a “health kit” (antibacterial gel, mask and gloves) in the amenities for every room, in addition of having disinfectant wipes available for the guests.
The blanket and extra pillows found inside the closet are protected by plastic bags which avoid their contamination.
Housekeeping personnel will not perform room cleaning activities while the guests remains inside. They will have to wait for the guest to leave the room.

3.5. Centers of consumption

  • We have signaled the capacity of the centers of consumption (cafeteria and terrace) with the purpose of minimizing physical contact and guaranteeing a space of 1.5 meters.
    Services inside restaurants will be limited to no more than 10 persons. Groups of over 10 persons will be handled as private reservations.
    Diners must disinfect their hands at the entrance of the center of consumption, doing so with antibacterial gel provided on the entrance podium.
    Prior to opening the center of consumption, we will disinfect the area by:
    Performing a deep cleaning of the area.
    Sanitization of high-contact points using the supplier-
    recommended product.
    Finally, we sanitize the area by applying a virucidal substance by
    means of nebulizers.
    Waiters have spray bottles with a prepared solution for the
    constant disinfection of tables.
    We will give a priority to Room Service which will be packed in a special
    manner, meaning, silverware will be packed in bags in order to avoid physical and environmental contact. It will be delivered directly to the room door without physical contact.

    We are installing single-use, disposable tablecloths which will include a
    QR code in order to download available menus, thus avoiding physical
    contact with menus.
    Inside the centers of consumption, we will provide a-la-carte service by
    implementing the following measures.
    Tables and chairs are disinfected with the disinfectant solution before and after every use, that is to say, the table where a customer is seated, must be disinfected at the beginning of service and once the customer leaves.
    Cloths used to disinfect the tables are disinfected and washed at least twice during every shift.
    Once cleaning is finished, waiters must wash their hands according to the procedure established by the Distintivo Hstandard.
    Tables are set with the necessary items only when the customer is occupying the table, eliminating all unnecessary items, such as decorative items.
    Collaborators will wear masks and gloves to handle food products in the warehouse and food preparation areas; suppliers have supporting documents that certify the correct handling of food products.
    The pens of the collaborators are of personal use and are not to be shared.
    Collaborators will provide all services wearing a neatly arranged and clean uniform.
    Collaborators will provide all services wearing their hair up (ponytail or bun), keeping their fingernails short and without nail polish; wearing of rings, earrings, bracelets or watches is prohibited.

3.6. Kitchen

    • Within the area, we are reorganizing the spaces with the purpose of defining the positions inside the kitchen for each collaborator.
    • The utensils used inside the kitchen are for own use and sharing is to be avoided.
    • In order to perform their activities, collaborators must:
    • Wear a complete and clean uniform, as well as wear masks and gloves. All persons who handle food products must use these protective measures.
    • Wear their hair up (ponytail or bun) and then use a hairnet and hat.
    • Disinfect the area, as well as the utensils used during the working day with the prepared solution, before and after the work day.
    • Disinfect the cloths used to clean the areas before, during and after use.
    • Use the automated capture program to deliver orders, thus avoiding physical contact.
    • Perform hand washing according to the Distintivo H standard.
    • Prefer the use of dispensers or containers with a lid or use vacuum
    • Access to the area where food products are handled is prohibited to
      people external to the service or who are outside their working hours.
    • Raw food products are cleaned and disinfected according to the
      supplier ́s specifications.
    • Cooked food products are stored using the proper measures to
      guarantee their correct storage.
      Payment area
    • The payment area is defined in order to guarantee the distance of 1.5 meters between people.
    • Priority will be given to payment by electronic terminals, which will be disinfected before and after use.
    • In case of cash payments, we will use rounded prices, meaning whole pesos, with the purpose of avoiding cash transactions. The cashier must disinfect his/her hands at the end of a transaction.
    • Cash drawers are disinfected at the beginning and the end of the working day.
    • Frequency of utensil washing is increased and should be performed preferably using the dishwasher.
    • The operation of the dishwasher is supervised for the performance of disinfection at the established temperature, or failing this, to perform the disinfection manually.
    • We safeguard all kitchen utensils which are placed in disinfectant substances which are changed every eight hours as a maximum lifespan or after continuous use.
    • We look after the supply in the hand-washing station and spray bottles available to disinfect all kitchen areas.

3.7. Warehouse

  • Collaborators in this area come to work wearing a complete uniform and their hair up and covered. Wearing rings and bracelets is prohibited.
  • Hand washing is conducted according to the provisions of theDistintivo H standard for food products handling and this is performed wearing gloves and masks.
  • We are establishing a specific area for the delivery of goods and a working area where the removal of unnecessary boxes and bags will take place.
  • We are requesting the suppliers the use of a double bag so that the suppliers have contact with the first bag, which will be removed at the working area, this way leaving a second bag for the product storage. In case of not having a bag, the product must be disinfected in the working area in order to move to storage.

3.8. Facilities Floors 

  • Collaborators must wear personal protection equipment at all times, according to the level of risk, but at the very least, personnel must wear a mask and vinyl gloves.
  • Once cleaning is finished and after removing the gloves and mask, the cleaning personnel performs a complete sanitization of their hands with water and soap.
  • The gloves and masks are discarded in the containers specifically identified for biological waste.
    Common areas
  • We rearranged the furniture within common areas in order to have more space and enable social distancing by defining the distancing areas.
  • High efficiency air filters were installed which eliminate up to 99.99% of particles; these filters are similar to those used in hospitals, this way reducing the possibility of contagion.
  • Hand-disinfection stations were installed in points of high-contact and intensive use by customers, such as: elevators, front desk and gym.
  • Customers ́ and collaborators ́ restrooms are equipped with paper
    dispensers or hand dryers, as well as with waste baskets for discarding
    this residues.
  • The hotel ensures collaborators have refilled soap, gel, towel or paper
    dispensers to guarantee their availability for customers and collaborators at all times.
  • The capacity was defined guided by the use of one person on every equipment.
  • We redefined the space for the equipment in order to guarantee the recommended safe distance.
  • We are placing foot pedal lid opening waste baskets to dispose disinfectant towels, which are available to clean the different equipment.
  • We are constantly disinfecting items such as weights, fitness balls, dumbbells, etc.
  • We determined the maximum capacity available for:
    In case of families, they will be able to enter the elevator together.
  • For individual persons, it will be limited to two per elevator, observing the established distance.
  • We are implementing the constant disinfection because it is an area of constant use.
    Staff canteen
  • We are implementing different sittings for collaborators in order to create groups and avoid crowds inside the area. For this reason, we are increasing the meal time for collaborators.
  • We are defining spaces to guarantee the distance between persons. Establishing the minimum number of people in the space according to the adaptation of the space while observing social distancing (1.5 meters).
  • We disinfect the area before, during and after use. While the canteen service is taking place, tables and chairs are cleaned with the prepared substance after each use.
  • The person handling the food products must wear mask and gloves at all times in order to provide the service.
  • We are placing a divider in order to make the area safer.
  • We are placing signage reminding the correct washing of hands, as well as an antibacterial gel dispenser for hand disinfection when
    entering the area.
  • Utensils or kitchenware are not to be shared.
  • Inside restrooms, areas are defined to maintain a safe distance.
  • Cleaning and sanitization are reinforced, strengthen cleaning with a disinfectant substance on common use areas such as faucets, towel
    dispensers, door handles, etc.
  • In case of uniforms, they are placed in bags for their transportation
    before and after the working day; the uniform is strictly to be worn only
    inside the hotel premises.
  • Uniforms are for single-use only, that is to say that after being washed,
    it should only be worn once and then it must be washed again.
  • Transportation of uniforms of collaborators is conducted only by plastic
    bags in which only the uniforms are placed.
    Time clock
  • The fingerprint time clock installed at the entrance of the hotel is disinfected after each use, ensuring cleanliness for the next record.

3.9. Events

  • We design and plan each event in a way that we can control de attendance observing the established healthy distance.
  • Before an event takes place, the space is ventilated for at least two hours.
  • In case there are items such as pens, paper, water bottles, etc., they are personally distributed to each person attending.
  • Air conditioning in the space is maintained at a temperature between 23° and 26°C and we are monitoring the cleaning of filters.
  • We will disinfect the space at the end of every event.

3.10. Personnel

  • We take temperature measurements at filters placed at different entrances and in case a customer or collaborator presents fever or any symptoms, authorities will be notified and they will perform the necessary tests; in case it is necessary, the stay will be rescheduled.
  • We are monitoring the health status of our collaborators, certifying that they only come to work in the best health conditions.
  • We are checking that collaborators bring their uniforms in plastic bags and then change in order to wear the uniform only inside the premises; at the end of the working day, the same must happen, they should remove the uniform and transport it in plastic bags.

3.11. Maintenance

  • The main function of the maintenance personnel is to check the correct operation of different equipment, such as:
    • Air conditioning to ensure the temperature inside the premises is between 23 to 26°C.
    • Air purifiers, by checking the correct performance of filters.
    •  Disinfection of tunnels or ramps for the transportation of
      towels/linen for the rooms.


  • We are increasing the frequency of cleaning of all areas, especially those with higher risk:
Protocolo covid
  • We are ventilating all areas at least twice a day.
  • We are using disinfectant solutions:
Plan de limpieza
    • Due to the contingency, the disposal of protective products such as gloves, masks, suits, towels, etc. is classified as biological waste, this means their disposal is to be conducted exclusively in identified bags and they shall not be mixed. Disposal takes place with the bags closed and transported correctly.
    • We are keeping a logbook in the different areas in order to record the cleanings performed.
    • Cleaning of the kitchen are scheduled with the necessary utensils, times and personnel.
    • We are scheduling the order of the necessary materials to perform all cleaning tasks with the proper materials.
    • Each cleaning task is recorded.Rooms
    • Cleaning of the rooms will be performed as a deep cleaning.
    • Sanitization of high-contact points with the virucidal product and
      disinfection with support of UV light lamps will be performed.
    • Finally, nebulization with the product will be performed and only once the time for the product application has elapsed, the room may be
      used for a customer.
    • Maids may access the rooms only when wearing a uniform and all the preventive measures: gloves, respiratory unit, goggles, face mask and the necessary items for cleaning the room.
    • We are providing the prepared disinfectant substance in dispensers; only previously identified disperses should be refilled. The substance must be replaced every 8 hours.
    • Cloths for cleaning high-contact points are identified; red-colored cloths are used to apply the solution.

    • In unoccupied rooms, we will reinforce disinfection, entering the room to conduct the disinfection of high-contact points.
    • In the case of occupied rooms, the cleaning procedure is performed without the nebulization.
    • Dirty linen are transported inside a bag for washing; for no reason should they be placed on the ground.
    • Linens are washed at full cycles at > 60°C as a minimum temperature.


  • Maintenance personnel wear protective equipment individually and
    there is no exchange of uniforms.
  • Each time a maintenance collaborator comes in to perform a job,
    he/she must disinfect his/her hands and discard the safety equipment
    (gloves, mask, etc.) in a correct manner in the identified bins.
  • If the operator is called upon when the customer is inside the room, he/she must try to keep an appropriate distance, preferably the established 1.5 meters and avoid physical contact.
  • Monitoring of air conditioning and air purifiers is constant during all shifts.

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