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Top 5 Reasons Why Booking Directly with a Hotel If you are planning a trip and want to book a hotel room online, you can do so and the question is: Book directly with the hotel and why?

In addition, our prices are 100% transparent, which means that when booking, you know exactly how much your stay will cost.

Tip: Most third-party websites will show prices without taxes or extra charges in order to show a lower price. If you decide to book a hotel through a third-party website, carefully observe the final price at the time of confirming the reservation, this should include taxes and any extra charges that may apply.

Isaaya Hotel Boutique we take your stay personally. Our goal is to make you feel welcome in a comfortable and relaxed environment. By booking directly with us we can meet special requests and customize your experience so that your stay is exactly as you imagined it.

When booking directly with a hotel, there is no risk of discrepancy with respect to availability. In addition, your reservation is confirmed at the moment and you know that you will get exactly what you booked.

At Isaaya Hotel Boutique when booking directly, your reservation is approved instantly and safely. You know immediately that it was received and that it is confirmed. You also get all the information about your reservation, including payment details and instructions.

Booking through our website is easy, fast and secure. You can see exactly what rooms are available, as well as the final price of your reservation, including all taxes. In addition, the payment of your deposit is processed securely by PayPal, a leader in the online payment industry.

That is why we have transparent policies that protect the interests of our guests and their experience. When our guests book directly with us we offer them the best conditions regarding modifications and / or cancellations of their reservation.

As collaborators of Isaaya Hotel Boutique , we are your best source of information about the town, such as where to eat, what to do and what to see. Our website and social networks are excellent sources of news, tips and general information about the Gran Hotel Ciudad de México hotel and the CDMX.

Consider Booking Directly the Next Time You Book a Hotel We hope that the next time you book a hotel room you consider booking directly. If you want to come and visit us atIsaaya Hotel Boutique , send us an email [email protected]

By booking with us, you not only have the guarantee of paying the lowest price, you also get a series of exclusive benefits.

Be aware in advance of any promotion or discount that is coming:

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Podrás ver de primera mano todas las tarifas y habitaciones que tenemos disponibles, sin excepción, además de que ahorrarás cualquier gasto de reserva o comisión, las cuales aplican en cualquier sitio web que tramite tu reserva. De esta manera puedes planificar con tiempo para obtener los mejores beneficios de tu estancia.

We are so convinced that we are your best option to book, that if you find a cheaper rate (room rate) or total cost of the room (taxes and fees included), we will improve the price you have found with a 5% discount (subject to the warranty conditions).

In addition, we guarantee that while paying, your transactions are carried out in a safe way, because we use the best technology for the verification of transactions and the protection of your personal data.

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